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Pure Instinct Sex Attractant Cologne .5oz

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Product Details

  • Weight: 1.00 Ounces
  • Features: Contains Pheromones ,
    Contains Pheromones - Infused with pheromones in order to draw attention and raise awareness.
    Scented ,
    Scented - Has a distinctive aroma.
    Oil Based
    Oil Based - Petroleum substance that makes the sensitive skin greasy in order to reduce friction during sex or personal time. Oil-Based Lubricants are ideal for anal sex, and are not condom-compatible.
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  • Manufacturer: Classic Erotica
  • UPC: 636182200152
  • SKU: CNVELD-7432
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Product Description

Pure Instinct Sex Attractant Cologne comes in a .5 fluid ounce bottle. The gender friendly sex attractant cologne. Only the highest quality of pheromones are used in this rich combination of rare fragrant essential oils. This fine fragrance is light and sensual, it's not made to be overpowering so you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite cologne. Pure Instinct is a unisex pheromone and sexually attracting fragrance that will awaken all of your senses. It also acts as a mood enhancer, increases sexual desire, elevates confidence and intensified sexual moments.

Jelique Products Inc. formulates, manufactures and distributes quality lotions, enhancers, toy cleaner and sex attractants to the adult industry. Jelique possesses an unparalleled drive to deliver the highest quality products on the market today. They use only the highest grade pharmaceutical ingredients, for all our sensual products, which are totally cruelty free. Jelique product is total cruelty free. All at Jelique believe in the ethical treatment of animals. Odessa, Florida 33556.
20 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 11, 2014
Altime Favorite
Pure Instinct is and always will be one of my favorite products!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 8, 2011
a must have
Pure instinct is one of my favorite products to sell and use personally. I can’t keep it in stock. Men and women alike love this unisex cologne. It has a lovely attractive smell that awakens your senses. The best part to me is that it smells differently on everyone and it can be worn with your day to day fragrance without a problem. I have also added a few drops to my bath water and the results were very relaxing.
Axis of Advance Verified Buyer
Jan 24, 2011
Use it daily
The smell of this stuff really turns girls on. I use it everyday, and they are right, it gives me a lot more confidence. It's not sticky or oily, it goes on just like a cologne and stays strong throughout the day. I just wish they made it in a huge bottle!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 22, 2010
I love it, even for everyday
I'm a picky customer, and I'm very satisfied with this product. It doesn't leave an oily residue and the smell lasts! I put it on after I bathe, on my neck, cleavage and inside of the elbow area. People tell me how I smell so clean and good. It's my little secret :)-- For a real treat, I pour a little in my bubble baths.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 8, 2010
smells different on everyone
The pheromones smell a little different on each person who uses it. It usually smells good, though. I combine it with my own perfumes to create different scents, also.
SHAMEKA Verified Buyer
Oct 27, 2009
This is great
This product is great, I sell this a lot at my parties. People love the smell and they love that when you put it on, everyone smells different. I had one left which was my sample and people were willing to buy it when it was already used. It is definitely worth the price. I will continue to offer it at my parties and I will continue to use it for my self. When I wear it my husband wants to be closer.
purple Verified Buyer
Aug 8, 2009
exotic fun
I sell this at my parties but I use it also , I love the smell and people who have allergies don't have a problem with it, but I did have one guy that smelled like flowers, so not for every guy.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 4, 2008
Review of HP1164
All I can say is that it does what it is expected to do. I would recommend this to everyone.
Carly Verified Buyer
Apr 22, 2007
Review of HP1164
I like the citrusy smell, but didnt notice anything different when I wore it. My husband put it on one day and no one noticed, not even me!
Amanda Verified Buyer
Oct 25, 2006
Review of HP1164
This is worth the money, I loved it. :)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 8, 2006
Review of HP1164
Pure Instinct smells awesome!!!! Its like a fruity scent. It works better then expected. When I first used it I had males AND females hitting on me. Everyone loves the smell. And a little bit goes a long way since it is oil based. My girlfriends always ask me to use some of mine. It is well worth the $$. You can use this with or without other cologne/parfum, but I recommend using it by itself. When you walk past someone the smell of it lingers in the air and it makes them turn their head, wondering WOW who smells so good? You will not be disappointed if you buy this product. I love it.
Carolyn Hubert-Black Verified Buyer
Dec 7, 2005
Review of HP1164
Pure Instinct is an amazing product. It definitely attracts, but be careful who you are attracting. It is well worth its price and goes a long way. It is a #1 seller in my Home Party Shows for Women.
Angela Sadowski Verified Buyer
Sep 29, 2005
Review of HP1164
I have tried many other pheromone colognes, but this is definitely my favorite. I love the fact that it is non-gender specific. It has a wonderful citris scent that smells unique on everybody. I use it with and without my normal perfume. Highly recommended!!!
lady Verified Buyer
Sep 22, 2005
Review of HP1164
Smelled very good. Men kept asking me what i was wearing.I have worn it by itself or with another perfume on top. Got noticed more by its self but got a great response mixed.I think it is price very well.I ENJOY THIS PERFUME VERY MUCH!
Nina Verified Buyer
Sep 11, 2005
Review of HP1164
I landed my man wearing this. Only problem is Im afraid not to wear it now. Like hes under some kind of spell
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 23, 2005
Review of HP1164
love the smell- doesnt last long- very light smell and definatally a confidence booster- im here buying another bottle!!
Mari Verified Buyer
Aug 10, 2005
Review of HP1164
This Products sells very well with the parties that I do. I have to admit I purchased one for myself out of curiosity and it worked very well I get lots of compliments and stares.
Tabatha Verified Buyer
Jul 14, 2005
Review of HP1164
Pure Instinct is well worth the money, this site has it the cheapest I have ever seen! The product works with your bodys natural scents it attracts ppl of the opposite sex! The product does its job!! But I only use it because I LOVE the way it smells on me! Women only produce pheromones when the sweat and pheromones attract men pure instict is a pheromone based scent so it attracts men! YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS! If the scent does not work well with your body mix it with your fav perfume IT works!!!!
Wanda Woman Verified Buyer
Feb 8, 2005
Review of HP1164
This cologne worked exceptionally well. I put just one little dot on and I felt more confident and before me and my girlfriend knew it men were everywhere. We were in the smoke filled club and all the tables were taken. She asked one man can we sit with him and he said yall can take it He sat at the table next to us. Drinks came to us by surprise and dances were off the chain. THIS IS A DEFINITE BUY!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 23, 2005
Review of HP1164
I love it, it works great and smells great to. I know that they say women use the sence of smell and men use looks to get turned on but I think this changes that theroy..

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