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New Tongue Joy 3 Way Vibrating Ring Sex Toy Product

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New Tongue Joy 3 Way Vibrating Ring

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(12 Reviews)
MSRP:  $37.99
Price:   $32.89
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Product Details

  • Weight: 3.52 Ounces
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    With Controller ,
    With Controller - A toy attached by a wire to a controller. The controller regulates the speed and vibration of the toy and requires batteries to operate.
    Batteries Included
    Batteries Included - A toy packaged with batteries. Batteries carry an electric charge and are the most common power source for vibrators. Always have back up batteries available for playtime.
  • Functions: Vibrates
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
  • Materials: TPR/TPE
    TPR/TPE - Thermoplastic Rubber/Elastomer is a synthetic mixture of rubber/plastic and elastomer. While TPR/TPE is hypoallergenic in nature it cannot be boiled. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Pink
  • Texture: Spiky
    Spiky - A prickly surface.
  • Genre: Couples
  • Manufacturer: JJK Industries
  • Brand: Tongue Joy
  • UPC: 080667122960
  • SKU: CNVELD-9983-3
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Product Description

3 Way by Tonguejoy. Three uses 1 microvibe: tongue vibrator, cock ring or finger vibrator.  This patented toy includes a robust motor, supported by a turbo charger with a custom sleeve for use as a vibrating ring, oral vibrator and finger vibrator. 3 Way is an ultra quiet, push button top, stainless steel, micro vibrator that can be stored in a discreet, snap button, on the go pouch promising both versatility and long term pleasure.

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12 Reviews
Aug 13, 2015
So fun!
I love it, I had it in my purse in the little red pouch and teased my date during dinner. It was a powerful and hit the spot!
Kitty Verified Buyer
Jun 24, 2013
This is such a nice surprise. It's small, I can take it in my evening bag then when the time comes I surprised my lover. It's an added bonus. Instead of pulling out a big dildo! LOL sexy, powerful and showed creativity on my end! XOX
Anna Verified Buyer
May 9, 2013
Super Cool and Powerful
This is very cool because it was powerful and versatile. The tongue idea is a good novelty but you can also attach it to your finger, toe or HIS PENIS! There are different size rings. Great power and fun to surprise your lover! I've bought a few for gifts too.
Stephanie Verified Buyer
May 9, 2013
Love this little thing! So powerful and I love that it's not only oral. I can attach it to my finger or his penis. Taking the small package in my purse is a plus because I can have a very unexpected sexy evening and surprise him!
Paolo Verified Buyer
May 9, 2013
This was very powerful, reliable and compact. I surprised my girlfriend, she loved it! It comes with a little pouch so it's good for storing and keeping in the nightstand. I was happy too that it is reusable, a lot of sex toys are one time use.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 16, 2012
did not work at all would have much rather spent the money on something else. did not even work with the included battery pack.
Jack Verified Buyer
Jun 22, 2012
definitely unusable
Hello and thank you for sending a replacement as quickly ! I received it yesterday, the small vibrator was difficult to remove so I used first the battery pack: it worked perfectly. but it's not very nice to have a wire in the mouth! So I unscrewed (with difficulty) the small vibrator, removed the small plastic covers of each battery and screwed everything. It vibrated weakly two seconds, then nothing. I then screwed the vibrator on the battery pack: nothing either. And finally the battery pack connector has finally opened, since it is closed by compression without screws or glue. I confirm what I told you: this product is poorly designed and manufactured, it can not work.
Jack Verified Buyer
Jun 9, 2012
A shame
I tried using the supplied batteries, nothing worked. I had no other batteries of this model, I try to use the battery pack. But the connector was opened with a thread that was free. I pulled the whole thing as I could. it vibrated two seconds, it started to heat up, then nothing. I bought some batteries for the vibrator without battery pack, but nothing works. This device is a shame, I highly recommend!
Shawna Verified Buyer
Mar 29, 2012
Arrived Defective
The black wire from the item was detached or pulled out of its place and the external batteries were in the item already and not properly packaged. Anxiously awaiting my replacement.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 23, 2009
very powerful vibration
I bought one of these and I like it a lot. It has a very powerful vibration. The silicone sleeves are good to keep the bullet from hitting your teeth and they add a little texture. I do wish they sold extra of the small band that comes with it because once it got stretched out it didn't stay in place as well. Overall it was worth the price I paid for it. It's definitely something fun and different to break out of the ordinary routine sometimes.
YO BOY Verified Buyer
Nov 12, 2006
Review of NO255
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 7, 2005
Review of NO255
this little thing gives you great pleasure, everyone should have one

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