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Anal Eaze 0.5 oz Sex Toy Product

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Anal Eaze 0.5 oz

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Product Details

  • Weight: 0.64 Ounces
  • Features: Flavored ,
    Flavored - Has a distinctive taste.
    Water Based ,
    Water Based - Water soluble substance that makes the sensitive skin slippery in order to reduce friction during sex or personal time. Water-Based Lubricants have to be reapplied since the body absorbs the water. Cleanup with warm water and soap; the lube will easily wa
    Scented - Has a distinctive aroma.
  • Functions: Moisturizes ,
    Moisturizes - Restores moisture to applicable body part to alleviate dryness.
    Desensitizes - Decreases sensation by making the applicable body part less sensitive.
  • Flavor: Cherry
  • Quantity: 0
    0 - 0.50
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • UPC: 603912104899
  • SKU: CNVELD-PD9803-62
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Product Description

Got pesky, stubborn sphincters? Try lovingly massaging some cherry flavored Anal Eaze into your rectal area. Then apply lots of lube...and then massage some more. Some believe that pain is the body's way of saying slow down and breathe deeply. But who has the time?

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7 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 18, 2011
great product
Anal eaze is an old classic favorite. It is one of my best sellers and after trying it I know why- it works. When I was an anal beginner this was truly a life saver. works quickly and with some good lube – bam – magic! This Makes anal adventures a breeze for both you and your partner. Sex is so much more enjoyable without the unnecessary pain stopping you in your tracks. This is a definite must have for every anal lover.
Staff Review - Justin Verified Buyer
Feb 28, 2010
Staff Review
Pipedream Anal Eaze is a desensitizing formula that enriches the enjoyment of backdoor play. Benzocaine, the active ingredient, is a local anesthetic that reduces pain by relaxing the nerves surrounding your tight hole. Apply generously to your sensitive area to relieve the discomfort of anal penetration. Anal Eaze is cherry flavored for tasting rimmings and will give you the confidence to explore painless anal sex.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 15, 2005
Review of PD9803-62
This makes things more comfortable for my lady friend. However it also desensitizes the penis when a condom isnt worn. It took me nearly a half hour to have an orgasm last time. It is hard to enjoy yourself completely if you are thinking about how your partner is going to feel the next day.
Astelia Verified Buyer
Sep 27, 2005
Review of PD9803-62
I bought this product in a porn store for way more money.. and I still think it worth it.. it really numbs the pain and its totally pleasurable.. and yes be carefull if you put too much it will numb it all..
Dead Dick Verified Buyer
Aug 23, 2005
Review of PD9803-62
Men should be VERY careful using this product. Make sure to only rub a little bit into JUST the outer sphincter muscle. Excess can numb your prostate and give you absolutely NO sensation. And be really careful not to touch your dick or testicles after rubbing in.
mea1on1 Verified Buyer
Aug 12, 2005
Review of PD9803-62
This stuff worked great, I used some before going to an orgy and wow I was amazed by how many and how big I could take. My husband loves to use it on my ass all the time for him and for others to use me. I will never leave home with out it
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 28, 2005
Review of PD9803-62
IT really works. You wont feel any pain at all. Only pleasure!!!

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